See what goes on at PCU when class is out….

Hey….Rebecca here at Polished Concrete University! Look at what Robert is up to now….

Robert and I keep it real in PCU’s 2,800 square foot air-conditioned training center. This week, Robert builds frames for customer ordered art projects as I create epoxy samples.

After Robert perfects custom frames, he rolls primer on thirsty boards and smothers them with a chocolate base coat. Sanding the imperfections creates a smooth canvas for Robert to work his magic with epoxy…

As always, Robert creates another fabulous piece or art! We would love to have you join our upcoming classes where you will learn some of Robert’s creative techniques!

October 2018
Polishing: 8th – 12th
Epoxy Floors: 15th – 17th
Epoxy Countertops: 18th – 19th
NewLook Certification: 31st

Toss your beach attire into a bag, head down to South Florida, and join us for some fun….until again!

Call me today and let’s get you signed up for a class!
Rebecca (877) 958-5669

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