Our Mission

Our mission is to standardize the definitions of Mechanical and Topical polished concrete. We aim to tie these terms to a scope of work that ensures a global understanding so that all architects, designers, and tradesmen can educate the building owner or client on what best fits their situation. The University strives to provide practical resources and tools for all of its colleagues, including educational articles, operational forms, check lists, and techniques, as well as an understanding of detailed specifications in the industry.

About Us

Robert Maviglia

Mission Statement:
To constantly better myself by learning each day. Rethink the negative way of thinking by embracing creativity and exposing myself to new technologies and endeavors. Continually better myself so I may share the knowledge with those willing and interested in learning too.

  • ICRI member
  • Decorative Concrete since 2007
  • Construction Industry for 24 Years
  • Asbestos Abatement and Demolition for 18 Years
  • Warehouse, Operations and Project Management
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Professional Photographer, and Graphic Design, 8 Years, Graduated with Honors

✓ 10 & 30 Hour OSHA Certificates
✓ Asbestos Supervisor – Licenses in 7 States
✓ TWIC Approved
✓ Forklift Certified Trainer
✓ CPAA Tradesman Level Certified
✓ CDL Driver’s License
✓ Skid Steer and Heavy Equipment Proficient
✓ Extensive training by Frank, my father, who could do just about everything, nuff said!
✓ Operated nearly every type of hand / power tool ever created…. almost


➢ PULL !! Avid Sporting Clays Enthusiast
➢ Under Water – Wreck Diving, Scuba Certified
➢ Above Water – Kayaking
➢ Tech – Data Base Management Programs
➢ Stay Hydrated my Friend – Dark Beers, Scotch-Neat and Club Soda by Day

Sierra Rochelle

Life Motto:
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Therefore, if you want to be outstanding, you have to develop the habit of personal excellence. In each key area of life, I seek out the very best practices and strive to make those my habits. The result is a continual incremental improvement in happiness, fulfillment and sense of purpose.”

Certified Personal Trainer 2+ years

Working out, Kayaking, Paddle, Boarding, Dancing, Drawing, Dogs, Going to the Beach, Playing Guitar and Singing

Polished Concrete University opened in January 2016. Owner Christopher Lavin saw a lack of skilled concrete polishers in the industry and decided to make a difference. We are a 5 star rated university at World of Concrete.

We are also touted as the #1 polished concrete university in the world. Polished Concrete University is partnered with Xtreme Polishing Systems.

If you are having problems finding qualified workers in the field, this is a great opportunity to have your people trained. This way, you don’t have to take the time out of your busy day to teach them yourself.

With over 50 years of polishing experience around you, you are sure to have an adventure of a lifetime.