Welcome to Polished Concrete University

Learn how to do decorative concrete, polished floors, overlays and epoxies at the world’s most innovative training center. Enjoy hands-on experience with products and equipment that you’ll be using out in the field. Once you have completed our course, you will have the expertise and confidence to work any job.

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Hands-On Classes

At Polished Concrete University, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. Everything we teach you, you’ll be able to practice in a family-like environment where our teachers will give you valuable support and insight. All of the products and equipment required in the field, you’ll first learn how to use in our classes!

Marketing and Job Guide

We’re unlike any other polished concrete university because in addition to helping you to learn your craft, we will also teach you how to market it. We want you to succeed with your new skills. We’ll teach you guerrilla marketing techniques that will help your business stand out and earn you more jobs.

Continued Support

Once you receive your certificate, we don’t leave you to do business on your own. Our founder Christopher Lavin and our instructors keep in contact with students after graduation. If you ever have a question while you’re on the job, you’ll have our personal numbers so that you can reach out to us for any additional help or support.